My Quilting Progress

I've been sewing through my fabric acquisitions.  I see that I need to be careful, as there is more fabric out there that I find "cute" than I have time to process!

So far, I have made 2 baby girl quilts and 4 baby boy quilts... the fecundity of my daughter's contemporaries is astounding.  My quilts look much cuter now...cuter meaning the seams all line up and the binding doesn't look like a blind drunk undertook the task.

I've not tried to make any fancy blocks. Rather, I'm concentrating on getting the start to finish steps honed.  The quilts that I have made were either stripped panels with sashing in the middle, tops and sides (which looked very clean and beautiful), or 5" squares attached with sashing.  Oh...and that Daisy Baby quilt...5 inch blocks chopped and reattached to 1" strips and cut and sewed and %#%!#^^.  I shudder.

It is THAT quilt that sent me to remedial quilting.  Nevertheless, simple block and sash concoctions are a lovely showcase for cute fabric.  And there is lots of cute fabric.

I've also been making snack mats.  I'm not embarrassed in the least by them.  They look beautiful, and they are ever so useful.

I currently have a quilt top finished, and I think that it is my favorite so far.  I had leftover fabric from another project....lovely grays, reds, pinks and white.  I made a 4 patch simple block with 5" squares, and sashed it with a 1.5" strip and a 1.5" cornerstone.  I have about 7 fabrics, and they look lovely together.

My current endeavor is to get my free motion quilting more finessed.  My "Sew Steady" table came.  And it made a HUGE difference in what I could do.  I've repurposed my quilt sandwiches to practice on as snack mats for the house.  I'm addicted to these quilted coasters.  They are flat, and absorb condensation and are washable.

 So, I'm all set with stuff.  I want to make some quilts to donate.  Surprisingly, I have contacted two charities that do that sort of thing, and I've not heard nary a peep.

Now that I'm less frustrated because my end product is more competently completed (e.g. I've built considerable muscle memory and don't have to think so much), I'm really finding this quilting relaxing.