Cutting Board

It is time to do some upgrading on my cutting boards. My cutting board with the carving side is split. So when I carve my roast beast, the juices drip through the crack in the board.  That board has served me well for many, many years (a couple of decades maybe?).  Alas, it has served its purpose.  It is supposed to be a board, not a sieve. Adios.

I've been eyeing a Boos Block (20x15x1.5) at my favorite salvage store.  It is simply priced at retail...and I don't want to pay retail.  The board above is 18x18 and is 2.25" thick. I get 24 more square inches, so that is a plus. It weighs 18lbs so it is not a behemoth.  The slide out tray is a nice feature.  It catches juice on one side and holds your chopped lovelies for whatever dish you are fixing.  

I found the above on e-bay in new condition.  I didn't futz around with watching it...I used the buy-it now function.  Even with the shipping (at over $30), it was well-priced and still $60 cheaper than most sale prices for that sized board. 

I note that many retailers are now using ebay (and Amazon) as marketing/distribution channels.

Dinner tonight is stuffed peppers.  I used country ham from our NY dinner (and my sister was my ham patron!), rice, shallots, celery, cheese and left over black eyed peas to stuff them with.  Stuffed pepper is a handy way to take a little meat (though I have a lot of ham) in combination with other 'stuff' to make a delicious meal.


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