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Now here are some links that I have been building (and I will get it organized better).  If you have some to share, please comment.  I reserve the right to edit any links. 
  • Dr. Donald Strombeck D.V.M site:  Strombeck's Home-Prepared Diets For Dogs and Cats| Safe, Balanced, Complete & Up-to-Date Great information and free recipes. These are not traditional raw. He is professor emeritus at the University of California School of Veterinary Medicine.
  •  Good resource for pet fitness.  (Stumbled upon it~!) 
  • The Grateful Pet:  Great PDF on raw feeding Ca:P ratios etc.
  • See Spot Live Longer This is a terrific site. I have Steve's books which I ordered after coming across a paper of his, A Macronutrient and Mineral Comparison of Three Popular Homemade Raw Food Diet Plans with NRC and Ancestral Diet Nutrient Profiles; and Suggestions on How to Enhance Nutritional Compliance with Both which you can download here.Upon reading this paper, I knew that I could rely on his research and recommendations. You can find his books on Amazon, and I highly recommend that you 
  • Dogaware.comHomemade Diets.   Great website, and a really well-balanced view of homemade diets etc.  Mary's 'stuff' lines up without contradiction to other sources that I trust.
  • Pet Nutrition from the National Resource Council.  Dogs and Cats have separate links. This resource provides great  Downloadable PDF's.Provides Daily recommended allowances for vitamins.
  • The FEDIAF (European Pet Food industry) has a 99 page PDF that is an excellent resource guide for dog and cat nutrition.  You can find it here.
  • Pet Food Institute
  • All About Great Danes.  This Beginners Guide to Raw is a great overview.  
  • Beginner's Guide to Prey Model Raw:  Downloadable PDF with great information. However, it does abrade against what other advocates for RAW feeding say:  specifically, that vegetables, fruits and grains are not part of this diet.  
  • Calcium:Phosphorus ratios in dog diet:  
  • Ohio State University.  See the gateway to the site here.  
    • guides on calorie needs for dogs (see my post here on how I used this information).
    • resource to evaluate your homemade diet
      •  This link is one that I had already found and registered for. Simple log in with an easy to follow application.  Allows you to add your own pets; however, if your pet has special needs, then there is unless your pet has NO special needs, this application has limited value absent a veternarian's supervision.  Also, all meat is recommended to be cooked.
      •  Cooked diets.
  • Waltham Essential cat and dog nutrition booklet:  Downloadable PDF This guide is a nice paper on what your pet needs regardless of your feeding regimen
  • USDA data base (and you can download to excel!).  This site will tell you everything that you need to know for nutrition detail on just about any food.  Use it for yourself, use it for your RAW feeding.  Use it with the information in the NRC pet nutrition download to ensure that your homemade meals have appropriate nutrition (calories, protein etc).
  • AVMA's position on RAW feeding: (I deleted all of my commentary on this.  You can form your own opinions.


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