Sunday Notes

It has been more than a month since I've written a thing.  I've been out-of-my-mind busy, though that will be tapering off soon.  Since mid-February I have been in a mad dash working with a new client.  That typically brings its usual flurry of activity. 

Dog Front:  All dogs are doing well. 
  • Angel has to be separated from Daisey to prevent any further altercations.  
  • I am still feeding RAW==> 231 days now.  I'm now in scoop, plop, drizzle and sprinkle mode.  Scoop meat, scoop starch (or slice and plop for potatoes); plot it in their bowls; drizzle oil; sprinkle Health Powder (Dr. Pitcairn's receipt), sprinkle NuPro, sprinkle vitamins, bone meal powder if not using bone in grind.  No more painstaking mixing.  All are doing very well.
  • Dexter continues to mature and have better impulse control.  We have had him 280 days now.  The last two months have really seen a turnaround.  He has brought alot of energy to our household.
Garden Front:  Mark has been hot housing our seedlings until the weather has turned water.  Our hot house is simply an old door on a wood frame with a light in it.  But it allows the plants to stay warm and grow.  All are in the ground now, to include potatoes. 

Inch worms are dangling about--getting to the car without having one in one's hair or as body decoration is next to impossible.The wood thrush are singing, and they are my favorite herald of Spring.  The redbuds have burst forth with their fuschia and purple blooms, now faded.  The dogwood has similarly had it glory and now the leaves are taking over.  The snowball bush is the next in line to blossom, the heads still tight and green-white.

The leaves is the woods are fluorescent green--almost an assault to the eyes.  Their color will deepen and take on the hue of the species, but for now, all leaves seem indistinguishable from any other unless it is the red maple.

And pollen abounds.