Eye Doc and other matters

Given that the Mayan calendar did not deliver its doomsday scenario, I rather doubt the fiscal cliff will either, I had some 'stuff' to get done before the close of the year.  I was pleased to see that I'm not the only person waiting until the last minute to spend medical FSA dollars.

My regular eye doctor could not take me, and I had to get my eyes examined.  Once shooting past 50, (I am 52) years turn into dog years relative to eye deterioration.  I used to just flip my distance glasses to see--and while I can do that, I cannot do that very comfortably.  In general, to read comfortably, I need reading glasses.  In general with my glasses on, I cannot see things (like my phone etc).  Surely looking over my glasses is not going to help the forehead wrinkles.

Lens crafters, the eye doc, doc in the box, was there for me.  I had a few surprises (all pleasant).  First, they were available to get an appointment.  Second, their fees are much cheaper than my regular eye doc.  One example is the retinal picture.  They charged $25 for this valuable service.  My eye doctor charges $200.  The eye exam is $99.  My doctors:  $150.  (Oh and I'm self pay).

Glasses/lenses---probably at least 1.5 - 2 times more.  Needless to say they have lost me forever as a patient.  Lenscrafters had the trifecta of service, price and selection.

So with $1300 to spend, I got a pair of progressive lenses and rx sunglasses.  Mark bought some wiley x glasses on line for his motosports activities.  I have enough money left over for Reade to get his eyes examined.  He can wait another couple of days and spend 2013 Medical FSA.  Lots of others were doing the same.

For the second year in a row, I am not having a NY's Eve dinner.  However, I am having a NY's Day dinner around 2 p.m.  My sister gave me a beautiful sugar/salt cured ham.  I will be fix it using the method shown here.  I have had WONDERFUL success with this method, and I cannot imagine cooking a ham any other way.  What is nice about this method is that you do not soak it per se.  Rather, you follow these easy steps:

    •    find a pot that the ham fits into, trimming off the hock if necessary.
    ◦    cover with water to a depth of 3-4 inches above the ham and cover
    ▪    bring it to a boil
    •    take it off heat, wrap it up to hold in heat and let it sit unperturbed for 12 hours (still covered!).
    ▪    Use 1 inch of newspaper on bottom and top and tie chair cushions around.
    •    Wait 12 hours
    •    take out, cut off fat, diamond score and rub with sugar
    •    bake@275F for 2 hours

While ham will be the scrumptious centerpiece of the meal, I'll make spoonbread, black eyed peas, scalloped potatoes and collard greens.  I think a simple jam tart with vanilla ice cream will be the dessert.  I might make a sweet potato pie.....I'll leave something to inspiration.

My FR project closed on Thursday.  I was happy for that milestone to pass.  At the last minute, the settlement agent said, "There was a slip up on the HUD form.  The mortgage company said that since this is a flip house, the seller has to pay for the second appraisal."  I said, "Absolutely not.  This is not in our contract, and this was a requirement by the mortgage underwriting.  I'm not paying for their underwriting costs."

Not a peep more was said about it.  I see why people call bankers "banksters".  They are always looking for someone else to pay.

I've been frightfully busy with all these deadlines that are stuffed into a short period of time.  On top of all of this, I'm undergoing my annual metamorphic list (otherwise known as resolutions)----to  emerge in 2013 as an improved human being.


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