Well, over the past 72 hours, we have made two procurement.

The first is an Englander Wood stove to replace the one in our garage.  (Our garage is huge, is finished spaced with heating and air conditioning), so it serves as space where much time is spent.  The existing wood stove was a castaway from a neighbor.  It was not efficient nor was it easy to use.  It would not hold a fire overnight.

"Cool Stuff Cheap" in our local paper had an Englander Stove--we've had these stoves for a number of years.  They are well made, and they are efficient.  It is small stove with top vent.  It is likely the smallest stove they make which is perfect for the spot that it is in (as it is a major thoroughfare).  Mark and Reade went to get it.  I wouldn't say that we got a bargain, but we did get the perfect stove (with no catalytic stuff) for the space. 

Story digression....

Many years ago, when we were first married we were living at 'the river place'.  Lest that connote some luxury living, it was not.  The woodstove was the major source of heat. We kept water in an aluminum dutch oven.  Mark and I were watching TV and I could here something boiling in the pot.  I knew that the water had boiled out and that I had forgotten to replace it, so I wondered, what was boiling.

As it turns out, it was cat urine. Houston, our cat, presumably thought that he was indeed fortunate to have a pot to pee in and he claimed the stove pot as his. I can tell you that the smell of boiling cat urine is quite pungent. Though it was very cold we opened up all the sliding glass doors.

He was cured of his stove climbing when he jumped on the stove for about 5 seconds. We were incredulous--shouting his name. He quickly felt the heat. His paws were blistered--just badly enough to disabuse him of the notion to ever get on the stove again.

I have procured another house--in the sense that anything can happen until it is ratified and closed. But my offer has been accepted, and I have returned their counterproposal.  Their counterproposal is simply their contract on their form with their provisions.  It is through an asset manager on behalf of the bank, Wells Fargo. 

 This house is in a golf club community in the same county that I reside.  The current listing noted that the house had 2500 finished square feet. In looking previous listings, I could see that it had 5000 sqf as it had a finished walk out basement (with 9 foot ceilings), and another 1,400 unfinished square footage on the second floor. So with the finishing off of the upstairs that is already roughed in with plumbing and electrical, the home will have 6400 square feet. 

Unlike many houses of this scale (large in size and small on quality), it has many quality features, not the least of which is that it is brick on all 4 sides rather than the pretend brick houses that one often sees.  I have a 3/4 pretend brick house!  I have brick on 3 sides and cedar on the back.  

It is a stunning house in every respect.  High quality, great layout.  Most importantly, mis-priced.  I bought it for less than $60/sqf. Of course, until all the paper work is back and the title work is done, and closing wrapped up, anything can happen (or NOT happen).  I remain circumspect. I had a contract that had all of the proper things done except that the seller could not deliver clear title in a timely manner.  I exited to contract.

Last night I fixed stuffed peppers.  I used basmati, rice, italian sausage (mild), sauteed onions/garlic, tomato sauce and Parmesan-reggiano cheese in the stuffing. I also had a bag of baby carrots that needed something to be done with them.  I made a carrot casserole to accompany.  (Crisp tender cooked carrots, can of cream of celery, 1 cup of cheese, sauteed onions mixed together and baked).  I also made some sour cream biscuits, and I made a pumpkin marscapone pie.  I had to use some leftover pumpkin from NY's day dessert prep.

We'll need to temper our eating for the balance of the year.

Tick tock...time to set the 13 minute timer and do something detestable.

Have a safe and productive day.


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