Since I have been focused on RAW diets for my dogs, I have done quite a bit of research on all manner of dog issues.  Coprophagy, or 'poop eating', is one that I see referenced quite a bit as a malady experienced by many dog owners.  I'm not adding to the conversation, other than to say, that I have never owned a dog that ate their poop or other dog poop.

Now, the cat snicker bars a la cat box are a different story.  I've never attributed a dog eating that particular delicacy, universally shared by most dogs, as true poop eating. And, most of my dogs will find and roll in any type of scat (other than their own or their fur family's) that they find in the woods.  Ugh.

We've been lucky to not have to deal with any skunk encounters other than the faintest whiff from Daisey.    Others that I know, not so lucky.  Dawn and hydrogen peroxide are good to to keep on hand in COPIOUS amounts.  Great for skunks and red wine hazards in the household.


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