Notes from my Life

The calendar says spring, but the thermometer says otherwise.  Nevertheless, the birds are vocal and active, as are the owls and the frogs.  Driving home last night the car's dashboard read 30 for the outside temp...but we could hear frogs.  Nature will not be stopped.

I've been crazy busy with work, and that will not abate for another 45 days.

Angel is still in lockdown mode, which has kept her out of trouble, and Daisey out of her grip....except that last evening, Dexter had a tumble with Daisey.  He wasn't being mean-spirited, just playful.  She would have none of that and energies escalated.  That escalation happened near Angel's lair, and she was quick to .  There was a hop on pop moment, but I was able to grab leads and get everyone disengaged without any, including me, coming into harm.  My body sprang mechanically into action, no yelling, nothing but grabbing leads and pulling mightily. Trailing leads on my troublemakers is key management tool. 

It is necessary to keep the energy levels down among this group.  Sigh....

I had to breakdown and buy a new computer.  My current computer was purchased in 2009, and was decently outfitted with 8 gb of ram.  But I have found myself running out of resources when using Excel too frequently, and the machine itself has some noises that are disconcerting--the latest of which was the hard drive clicking.  Otherwise, I would have just upgraded the memory.  I tried to upgrade the memory previously, but despite my best efforts to ensure compatibility, the machine froze.  I didn't want to fool with it again.

 I splurged and got a workstation over a desktop machine.  I don't really use my computer for pleasure, but rather to power through work. The upgraded technology in terms of memory and speed is very helpful in my work.  No crazy noises.  No out of resource messages.  I networked my computers, which does give me some flexibility.  These were not things that I paid attention to before, and it was nice to figure a few things out.

The new computer is equipped with 16GB of memory, and a Quadro K4200 video graphics card.  I probably do not need that, but I was in "why not?" mode.  Perhaps I'll be a CAD designer!

Admittedly my stress level is through the roof and diet/exercise have been neglected.  Not smart.  But I've been doing a decent job on staying organized, and that has allowed me to stay focused and productive.

May Spring visit us soon...


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