My blog posts are a rarity.  My life is now resuming some normalcy.  I feel that I can breathe now v. gasping for air.  If there is no time to breathe there is certainly no time to write.

Angel was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on her leg.  Given her age and the location, we will not treat it.  It cannot be operated on with any hope of reasonable clearances, and amputating her back leg is not an option.  Thankfully we have compassionate means of transitioning for dogs.  We will ensure that she is well cared for.  I have to give her 3 Benadryl a.m. and p.m.  to control the histamines that such tumors give off.  She seems no worse for the wear.

Our weather is hot and humid.  Summer in Virginia.

Husbando riding motorcycle out of driveway onto our road.  Quarter mile down the road a copperhead uncoils and strikes as he passes.  No harm done, but being on foot would have been a problem.  We have a large black snake slip, sliding about.  I hope that he is a totem that keeps us safe from encroaching copperheads.  I've seen too many about over the years.

Dexter has become the dog that we hoped he would be.  He's Mark's constant companion.  He loves all of his sissies, and he and Ella have been digging for moles with great energy and success.  We are harvesting potatoes, and as I dig, I see the mole tunnels and the ridges in the potatoes that I'm digging up.

I'm desperate for a week off.  I'm settling for weekends for now.  We were able to spend time with both Dad's over Father's Day.  As they are in their 80's the limit on remaining holidays is high on my mind.  It was nice to celebrate them.


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