About 9 p.m., and I had let the dogs out for their evening constitution.  Mark was just coming out of the garage side door, and Dexter was making his way over.  I shut the door and went about my business.  Moments later, Mark rushed in the front door, and his voice was strained, "Keep Dexter inside, there is a copperhead out here by the garage door." 

He then dispatched the copperhead to the Netherworld.  It was unsettling.  Mark said that as Dexter came over he stopped and looked at something on the ground that caught his interest.  (It was dark and just the outside lights on).  Mark immediately saw the danger, grabbed Dexter, and brought him in.  What was unsettling is that it could have just as easily been a snake bite to one or both of them.

Just two weeks ago, a copperhead lunged at Mark as he rode his motorcycle.  Just down the hill he could see the snake on the side, and as he passed on his bike the snake struck out.  No harm done, but....

Our neighbor informed us of a recent biting of several dogs in a pen in our county.  All will be fine, but it is a nasty thing to deal with.



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