The Ubiquity of Learning Opportunities

While the Internet can be a mindfield of opinion presented as fact, porn, trolls, and the democritization of all sorts of blather, it is worth having to put up with all of that 'stuff' to find the many gems online that can satisfy a healthy craving for satisfying good curiosities.

I turn to the internet often for help with thorny Excel functions that I don't use often enough to have a great understanding of--but when I need that understanding I can get it quickly.  All things cooking are there in abundance.  I recently found the America's Test Kitchen videos on You Tube.  However, what I wanted to share with you is something that I found for free on Craftsy.  The title of the course was Complete Knife Skills with Brendan McDermott.

If you like to cook and want to hone your knife skills to improve safety and efficiency and have better looking end product, this video is worth your time!


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