I try to keep my ranting to a minimum, but I've reached my threshhold for tolerance for the following:

  1. Having to listen to a 30 sec ad to watch a 1:30 video clip on major websites.  At the very least, have a "skip ad" for a polite amount of time.  It is ludicrous to be held captive for 30 seconds or 25% of the total viewing time.
  2. Bloggers with so many ads on their page, to include surreptitious ads (meaning you think that it part of the content, but it is not, that you cannot even access easily the content.
  3. Bloggers with "sign up" pop up window inviting visitors to never miss a single post.  Get rid of the pop up and simply put a widget that an interested person has to click.  There is no one out there that requires to be read every single day.


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