Rehab (House): Day 1

I currently have a home rehab project (purchase and resale).  I should close on August 1, but have been given access to the home.  It is a nice project that takes me into a very hands-on world.  Not a bad thing in that sometimes it feels that I'm permanently attached to a computer.  This project, for some intermittent periods, replaces my computer key board as my main tool with tools of an artisanal nature.

The house is a basic Cape Cod built in 1985.  It needs much work.  It was built in 1985 with none of the accoutrements that spell quality on the inside--builder's grade everything.  Vinyl and carpeting through out. Basic trim. It has a new roof and the siding is vinyl that has held up well.  It also has the unfortunate characteristic of a front door that opens directly into the front stairway.  Two people navigating the side-stepping necessary to gain entry is a lesson in frustration.  The side door is clearly the main entrance.

It was rented for the last 9 or so years, with the tenants recently evicted. The house is a mess. Fortunately, it has some great qualities:  new roof, masonry fire place, good foundation and steps, den/kitchen/dining area that open into each other. It is on a private road and sits on 15 acres.  Very quiet....deer, turkey, rabbits abound.  The property has two deer stands.  Last evening we attended the road meeting and found another great asset:  superb neighbors.  Many of them were like my husband and I, the bought the land and built their home.

My daughter will be the ultimate purchaser. She is glad to be in New Kent.  She and I worked at the house yesterday.  It needs to be cleaned  thoroughly and all of the carpet and linoleum pulled up.  My husband has been reminding me that (1) this work is hard; (2) I'm not as young as I used to be; (3) I will likely hurt myself with these tools.

Naturally he is correct on all accounts--but I will not be disabused of the notion that I can do some of this work.  Our bodies are made to work, and frankly, this body could use more work! We are on a very strict budget for this rehab:  $15K.  To make that number stretch, that means that we will need to do some of this work ourselves.  My daughter and her boyfriend are young (as my husband and I were when we built our house). Her BF is a pipefitter--so he is both skilled and strong and has skilled and strong friends. That is a big benefit!

Despite my husband's nay saying, Hannah and I embarked on our first day  of rehab. Stay tuned for that write up.


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