On Sunday, the final plumbing work was done to render this house passable for an appraisal.  Is it finished?  Largely so; however, there is about a day's worth of painting/touchup that needs to be done...but not by me.  I say that with a large exhale.

I am accumulating my pictures and will do a before and after when I get some better after pictures.

Pinterest seems to be all the rage with the young adults in my sphere.  My daughter is addicted to it.  Another bit of voyeurism...but a wonderful way to find ideas to inspire you.  I stumbled upon it when I was searching for paint color combinations.

I'm looking forward to moving onto my next project.  Already stuff is coming in.  The vanity and the several light fixtures that I've picked out have been delivered, and I couldn't be more pleased.  Because I can shop closeouts, I'm able to get some great deals. 

I have finally decided on the colors for the interior.  I'm balancing an "Ah! not Blah!" neutral look.  For the great room, the walls/ceiling will be Benjamin Moore's Winter Wheat matte and Winter Wheat (232) semi-gloss on the woodwork.  I have Winter Wheat in my home, and I love the color.  The master bedroom will be Cream Fleece (233) walls with Linen White woodwork and ceiling.  The other bedrooms will be Linen White on Linen White.

We are no longer going to paint the cabinets, but rather clean them and change out the hardware. That will be work enough as there are many cabinets!  I plan to use Skimstone on the counterops...transforming perfect working condition, but perfectly dated dark butcher block formica to something exciting.  Outside of my Spreadstone project, I have no experience.  But my Spreadstone turned out pretty well even though my color was not all that pretty.  I just used what I could get to get the application learned.  I was happy with the results.

I'm confident that I will have the same problems (hinge throws slightly different) as I had on the other house, but forewarned is forearmed!   I'm toying with the idea of putting glass inserts in the front facing cabinets.  I'll try not to get too fancy!


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