My favorite part of Christmas is the time after the activities....this time.  My guests just left around 3:30.  I had Christmas brunch cum lunch (late!) to accommodate worship services.  I'm glad that I didn't have brunch, for I would have never been ready!

After consuming a large and delicious meal last evening, when I came home, I didn't have energy for anything other than pouring the brine into a bag for the pork roast and pouring a glass of wine.  We still had EPA cleanup to do before guests arrived the next day.  We managed to get everything done.

I didn't make a fancy lunch, but it was quite lovely.  I purchased a pork loin (not tenderloin) roast.  It's the type that is beautifully doubled over and tied nicely.  I brined it; brought it to room temp on the microwave low setting (Power 2); browned in a heavy pan over the flame; covered in mustard and then garlic that was mortar and pestled with kosher salt and rubbed through.  I then coated with Italian Breadcrumbs.  I put quarter onions, pears and apples in the pan as well. I put oven on convection at 375 and cooked with a temperature probe to reach 155 degrees.  Took it out and let it rest.  I then mashed the roasted vegetables/fruit in the pan and put on the flame on slightly to incorporate drippings.  I then pureed in food processor. I used this "butter" to slather onto each succulent slice of beautifully roasted and very moist from the brine pork.

Sam's had fingerling potatoes.  I sliced and then coated these with oil and my proprietary blend of spices.  Actually, it was going through the spice carousel in the corner cabinet and grabbing this and that.  No two attempts are the same.  They also had beautiful asparagus.  I simply prepped them, drizzled oil and then roasted them on the grill.  I made a fresh cranberry sauce and had store bought croissants.  Also, we a a smoked turkey, courtesy of one of my husband's colleagues.  I sliced this up in advance.

My stepmom brought a beautiful pound cake (that had been gifted to her--and she and now two!).  I simply sliced it, put ice cream on it and made a quick fudge sauce (bittersweet and milk chocolate discs melted with some half and half).  It was sublime.

It was a wonderful day. I have a clean house and leftovers!    I then sat on the couch with two of my dogs and watched a movie by myself.  Such a nice holiday. I hope that yours was enjoyable too.


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