Glam Gloves.....

Glam Gloves among Camellias
I had an unplanned disgusting job.  I had my glam gloves on which I buy from BJ's.  I like them because they fit well, have cuffs that do not fall down, and they are kind of cool!

As I was outside and passing the beautiful camelia tree at my SR project, I decided that there was a photo opportunity.

I don't have a camelia at my own home, but I love to see them.  My new project has a lovely camelia.  As I was passing it by and looking at my gloves, I could see the inspiration for my Glam Gloves. I just saw them on Amazon, and they received some pretty negative reviews.  My diversion is that I wrote a review. Look at those gloves among the wasting camelia blossoms.  They needed vindication, and I did a Glam Glove vindication on Amazon.

As I consider the range for my SR project, I'm finding that it is difficult to make objective weightings of 'reviews'.  The aphorism of "opinons are like a-holes (forgive me) ; everybody has one" is alive and well on the internet as we can like, dislike, wax rhapsodic or diss with impunity products that we use.

I like to be an informed purchaser.  Balancing cost + features is sport for me--and failure is paying to much or getting something unsatisfactory.  I subscribed to Consumer Reports on-line as I am having to buy lots of stuff for my renovation projects.  I truly care about putting good stuff into these homes. For my SR project, I had planned to put a gas range in.  I so love my Thermador cooktop that I put in during my own kitchen renovation (appliances,  sink/faucet, countertops).  As I wrangle with what to put in on my SR project, I've gone from piping in gas to considering (and almost settling upon) to choosing induction.

Gas means upgrading the gas meter.  And, I have to realize that foisting my own proclivities (I am a terrific cook), on others can be a dangerous prejudice.  So....rather than go through the expense of putting in a new gas meter, I will get an induction range.  (But I did apply for a permit to do the upgrade on the meter).  Now, the issue is which one.  Consumer Reports rates one range highly but users rate it very poorly, you have to wonder if the two really were testing/using the same product.  It makes my head hurt.  I continue to weigh pros/cons.  It is not as if I'm using it, but I do not want the buyers to have an upleasant range experience.

I'm reminded of the levels of competence...and the most dangerous place is "not knowing what you don't know."  I'm somewhere in the gray netherworld of "not knowing what I don't know" and "knowing what I don't know."  But wherever the hell that is, it is damned uncomfortable.

Here are a few blossoms still intact on the beautiful camellia.  When I bought this home, it was from a woman who was elderly and infirm.  Her children had POA.   She passed on the 16th.  Her funeral is tomorrow.  I feel privileged to restore this home.  It is such a wonderful home that will house a family  again.  I'm really glad to be a part of that.  It feels like the wonderful melding of a mission and a passion. As I sat in that home today in the midst of the torn up den floor and cans of paint, I opened my heart and bade this woman whose beautiful home I will restore my best wishes.  This home restored home will be a nice honor of her memory.

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