Church of the Traveling Setters

Someone e-mailed me today at 9:00 a.m. and wanted me to look at something on TV.  Then they said, "or maybe you are at church."

Well, I was at church today, the Church of the Traveling Setters.  Last evening I hosted two perfect English Setter ladies, Annabelle and Sadie.  I drove from my home down to Rocky Mount yesterday, stopping in Roanoke Rapids to pick up Annabelle who was traveling from Hertford, NC.  She was going to Baltimore, MD and Sadie, whose day started in Auburn, GA was going to New Jersey.  Sadie is to the left.  I'd give you a pick of Annabelle, but she didn't stay still long enough.

Annabelle had the benefit of staying in a temporary foster situation.  She was clean, healthy, and rambunctious.  Sadie was dirty, with fleas and severely underweight.  With her being in foster, she will quickly come back to health--she will be a Cinderella dog!

After I had picked up Annabelle, and I was waiting in Dortches, NC for Sadie.. .

 a man approached (he was driving a wrecker).  He was concerned that I was broken down.  I said no, and told him what I was up to.

He went inside, and then came out to chat a bit more.  He told me that he had rescued two horses from a neighbor.  He had spied them, and they were starved.  He took his neighbor to court, and he was awarded custody.  The horses after many $ in meds were finally putting on weight.  It was wonderful talking to the man about a shared objective of lending a hand where needed.

Isn't that the spirit of volunteerism--lending a hand where needed?  With the Mega-Millions hoopla, I saw interviews of what people were going to do with their winnings--many to include charitable acts. I would merely point out that the thought of doing a charitable act with LOTS of money pales in comparison to the real act of doing a charitable act.  So why wait until you win the lottery?  Small dollars or commitments of time add up to a big impact in the life of someone or something in need.

We arrived home at about 10:45 p.m.  I was tired.  The girls slept quietly in the back.  Once we got home, they were fed and watered and put in their respective crates.  I draped sheets over them to give them some sense of space and comfort.  They quickly started 'crying'.  I went in and took them out of their crates, and cuddled with them both on the sofa for just a bit.  I was bushed, and needed to head for bed.  That seemed to be enough for them, as I didn't hear a peep out of them.

In the morning, I was greeted to synchronized tail thumping.  We took a long walk to get business done.  Annabelle was too distracted by all of the 'stuff'--sights, sounds, smells. Sadie did her business--one and two.  Annabelle waited until she came inside.  Oh well....

We were quickly off to meet the first leg of today's run that delivered these sweet girls to their final destination.

My FD project now has the tile-setter on site.  These last two days have seen the blossoming of inchworms. Hundreds of these little guys (they started out little and all green, now they have brown on them) are everywhere.  It is a Hitchcokian drama.  They are hanging from the trees, attached to the house, their poop grains are all over the deck, and worse, they are in my hair, stuck to my clothes and inside my clothes.  I laughed at my tile setter--I said, "I'm going to come back and find you and your son wrapped up in cocoons!" 

Setters and inch worms... a combination that I would have never dreamed of.


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