No, I wasn't playing darts or shooting targets.  Rather, I was simply looking down at the site in which I had pulled a tick.  I new that the bullseye rash was serious and required a visit to the doctor.  I went yesterday, the day of discovering the tell-tale rash which appeared one day after pulling the tick.

Ticks and sticks!  That is where I live.

Daisey, part of our trio of dogs, presented on Friday with an open wound in her side.  It was quite breathtaking to view--a large torn flap of skin exposing the tissue below.  Thank goodness my regular vet was open.  I took here there within an hour of closing.  They were going to stitch her (requiring sedation) and keep her overnight.  Within one month, each of my dogs has required medical attention--and none of it inexpensive!  However, by avoiding the emergency vet, I saved quite a bit of money.  I'm grateful that my vet is open 7 days a week.  With Ella, I found her laceration of a couple of weeks ago, beyond their office hours.  She is now all healed up.

With Ella's injury and now Daisey's, it was important to determine just what was causing such injury.  With Daisey's, I'm attributing it to a plastic insulator that has been chewed up to the point where it is sharp and ragged.  It is exactly the height of her wound, and it is right in the area that Daisey chases the mail lady.  I'm betting that Macy was her companion (as the group does this daily chase in unison) and bumped her into the connector.

Ella's injury was in a different direction--it was more of a straight slice up and down, and still cannot account for the cause which is a worry.

Daisey looks like a Frankenstein dog with her very long stitch.  She's on strict immobility--so the retractable leash is as far as she can get from me, and I'm keeping her crated while inside to prevent jumping on furniture.  The stitch is in the middle of her torso, so not subject to so much pulling as Ella's incision.

At the FD job I worked with a couple of guys to get the laminate floor down in the basement. When I wasn't fetching materials for other pieces of the project, I was working side by side with them laying floor.  Once again, I'm reminded (because my body is screaming this message to me) that our body's are made to work.  Who needs the "Brazilian Butt" videos?  Simply lay some floor--I guarantee your butt will lift!

 I finished two of the partially unfinished rooms from Saturday.  Today should bring the final completion of the back room. Getting the floors done in the basement is a huge accomplishment.  I used a Pergo Elegant Expression Buchanan Maple (discontinued) that I purchased on closeout from Wood Floor Plus.  Since Mark and I did not do all of this install, the money I saved will go toward the installation price.  I'm good with that.  Sears is bringing the appliances today....


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