A Cornucopia of Tradesmen

I have been waiting for rainy day painters for most of April.  With the rain this week, I ended up with an abundance of painters at both my FD and SR jobs.  I also had my contractor out demolishing the master bath.

Courtesy of a sledge hammer, the shovel that you see, 5 gallon buckets and many trips down the stairs to the dumpster, the bathroom was taken down to the studs with nary a tell-tale spec of ceramic to give a hint of what was previously there.

The insulation on the left (top photo)  was completely gone courtesy of mice over many, many years.  And that copper piping would make a copper thief salivate!  When my contractors were done, they were very tired--and the entire master bath was neat as a pin.  I've not settled on how I'm going to re-tile it...but 

I am now at a point on my FD job, that rooms are getting finished.  It is a good feeling to see pieces of the job coming to completion.  As with all things, the devil is in the details....and the small things can trip you up.


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