The Finish Line....

While I've not crossed it yet, I'm darn close!  I have this mop that I took with me to clean up all of the dust off of the hardwood and laminate floors at my FD project.  It is surely nice to have progressed from shovel and scraper, to push broom to dust mop.

One problem with this 'all over' renovation, is that anything that you choose NOT to renovate will stand out like a sore thumb.  At FD project, the sore thumbs are the exterior paint on the back doors (up/down) and the interior door hardware (hinges/knobs).  With my daughter's house, the switching out of the hinges and knobs made ALL the difference in the world. 

Yesterday, I schlepped over to Lowe's and purchased knobs and hinges.  Their Gatehouse brand is inexpensive and looks good. 

Today, I continue to work toward the finish line.   Already it feels good to have entire rooms "cleared" of all punch list items.  Hanging the mirrors in the bathrooms was an accomplishment.  The first mirror was a smaller mirror that I could handle myself.  What I couldn't handle is the measuring tape!  I had figured the place to hang it fine and how to center it fine. It was even level as I had the 4 foot level with me.

Unfortunately, I had difficulty in measuring the distance between the hardware to hang.  (The mirror hangs hard on the head of the screws in the drywall anchor.)  Eighths?  Sixteenths? They do matter.  I was off a smidge...and a smidge was too much.  I managed to fix it.

I do have a tip for hanging 'stuff' when you cannot see the back of the item you are hanging or what you are hanging it to.  On the surface that you are hanging something on, take painter's tape and mark the wall where the top of the hanger is located so that it can be seen on either side of your object that you are hanging.  On your object, take painter's tape and mark on either side of the object where the hardware is to hang. 

For example on the the mirror, I put painter's tape on the sides of the mirror exactly where the hardware was that sat on the screw heads.  ON the wall, I extended the tape from the center of the screws.  Matching up the tapes on the wall and the mirror had me securing the mirror in no time.  Failed attempts mean scratched walls.

I'm off to work now.  Have a productive and safe day.


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