Tons of Work

The FD project is in its final throes of completion.  The random width pine floors have been refinished, and they look great.  My countertop project still languishes, but it will be conquered before week's end.  I still have to put a final coat on all of the base trim; get a couple of new doors installed and painted, hang a few light fixtures...and finish the landscaping.

On the latter, we bit off, chewed and swallowed (with a large lump in our throats). The current landscaping consisted of pea gravel over barren dirt.  Many of the azaleas and box woods had died or were in the grip of death--though a few were giving a valiant fight!  Sunday was  one of the hottest days of the year so far, with a high of 93,  and we tackled the 14 tons of topsoil that sat impressively under the shade of the large beech tree in front of the house.

So with the help of a skillfully operated Ford tractor and the strong backs of my husband and son (in addition to Charlie who operated the tractor--an amazing 60-something year old man who can outwork men much younger than he), and a few minor contributions from my own back before I retired inside to paint base trim, . . . .

  • the existing dreck of pea gravel was scraped up
  • the large ruts from the 30 yard container and the dump truck (which got stuck) were smoothed
  • other lawn carnage was swept away (dead bushes, limbs etc)
 . . . . and all 14 tons of top soil was spread and the conclusion reached that 14 more tons of top soil was needed in addition to 5 yards of mulch.

The additional product was delivered yesterday; so we can have "at it" again--hopefully under more temperate condtions than blistering 90's. The curb appeal was measurable improved--but more needs to be done. Removing the ratty mail box post did quite a bit to upgrade the view.  It surprising how the 'little things' that you do add up to really big improvements.

 Before and after pictures will be coming soon.


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