Sorbet Template

I shamelessly grabbed this photo of Lemonade Iced Tea Sorbet which you can view here. I began Blogging on October 1, 2006.  This is my second blog, my first blog was The Perplexed Investor (TPI)  I no longer write in that space (it's on permanent hiatus), I keep the site up.

I still have some much 'housekeeping' to do on this new template, but it is a fresh new look.  In my first blogging efforts, I spent far too many hours learning CSS to be able to understand blogging script and make customizations as I saw fit. Over the years I have had to zig and zag to a few different looks to keep up with the changes in Blogger. Looking at the current template which is made to respond to multi-devices, I'm not quite sure what to do just. 

I don't write so much anymore.  With a market-themed blog, TPI, there was quite a bit to write about.  Unfortunately, my life is not that interesting--but I realize that is something that I have control over.  Over the last 10 months, I've been immersed is some large professional projects.  Time and energy was spent on those projects and let to an infertile period for blog feeding.  Super interesting work, but nothing to write about!

My colonoscopy changed everything! I have a vigorous curiosity about exploring 'stuff'.  Having to undergo this procedure and learning more about all things alimentary has led me to unexplored territory.  As is my nature, when I'm exploring, I share in the space.  It helps me organize my thoughts and creates a place to organize my writing/thoughts for future reference.

Now with a new blog theme and architecture, I'll trying to populate this space with some useful 'stuff'.  Specifically, I have been mesmerized with the role of the gut in health, and the role of bacteria in gut health.  Frankly, it is not something that I have ever thought about before, but fits with my 'flow' thesis that has been incubating in my head.  I'll write more about that later.  Fair warning, some of this gut talk may fall into the TMI category, and I'll try to walk a tasteful line.


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