A Measured Life: Day 5

Day 4 Wrap Up

Steps:     7629  (I ran in the rain)
Net Calorie Deficit (548)
Calorie Variance from plan:  58+  (I was hungry and ate a taco for dinner in addition to my Szezhuan asparagus and brown rice AND I replaced FOOD with WINE).  

 When we budget our money, we have to make choices among items made available to us.  There is no shortage of our being bombarded with 'stuff' that we need/want to have.  If we do not have a budget, we will buy-a-way at the expense of good money stewardship.  To not tempt the ever-willing-to-be-seduced brain keep your feet and eyes out of the shopping malls (on and off line!).

Likewise with our food choices.  Yesterday, by the end of the day, I was tired and hungry.  I elected to replace food calories with the empty calories of  wine. It was a nice treat.  I have not eaten one Oreo in 5 days, and they are sitting on my counter.  So my willpower has been good.  I made a conscious choice for last evening to drink and eat that taco.   

Nevertheless, this is my second day waking up draggy and tired.  Eating less and exercising more is certainly being experienced in this body. The good thing about bodies is that they adapt to the exercise load placed on them.  The bad thing about bodies is that they to the less desirable state.  But I am also feeling the positive effects of my efforts to include losing 1/2 lb.

I also feel that writing about what I'm doing is helpful in keeping me on track.  I'm used to writing publicly (though my audience is quite small here).  You might also consider writing.  You can easily create a blog that is a private blog.  It will give you structure and space, and no body but you (or invited readers) would have access.  When you are ready you can go public.  Writing is a great discipline.

My last time that I was truly conscious about my eating was when I did the Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet.  I've mentioned it here in this space.  I realized many benefits from that eating plan. 
  1. I was never hungry. 
  2. I introduced into my diet many food types that I never would have tried otherwise that I have enjoyed.  I eliminated dairy and wheat, and brought in Rice Milk, Soy Milk, buckwheat, quinoa soba noodles and other foods.  Increased consumption of fruit/vegetables.
  3. My sinus allergies abated considerably to the point of disappearing. 
  4. Digestion was hugely improved (never had I enjoyed such great digestion)
  5. I lost weight.
With my renewed commitment to eating healthfully, I am bringing some vegetable protein into my diet to amp up my protein intake.  I chose Spirtu-Tein.  I purchased it at Puritan's Pride on-line.  They seemed to have the best price:  $28.79 for 2.4 lbs v. $32.99 for 1.2 lbs at other places.  That's a huge difference (more than 1/2 price unless they have their website information incorrect).  Plus the shipping was free.  It does pay to shop around.

I also sprung for a Blendtec blender.  I bought a refurbished blender, so it was a good savings, but $280 was a steep price for a blender.  But I cook alot, and I use my just as expensive food processor on a weekly basis.  Good tools are worth the money.

Finally, I'm introducing probiotics into my diet.  No other supplements, though there are many to go around, other than a multi-vitamin.

Other changes:  black coffee. I used to use cream and sugar.  By going black, I save 70 calories per cup.  (And I have 2 cups).  I'm quite sure that I poured in more than a tbs!

1 tsp of sugar is 15 calories x 2 = 30 calories per cup of coffee. 
1 tbs pf  cream is 40 calories

Time to work! 


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