A New take on an old favorite

Few things are as much anticipated in our household as the FIRST BLT of the season.  Now a good slicing tomato doesn't need many accoutrements.  That being said, here is my favorite way of making a BLT:

  • Good bread (I never toast my bread, but many do)
  • Good mayonnaise
  • Hot Pepper Relish (made from our garden)
  • Cheese (I use American)
  • Freshly sliced tomato from the garden
  • Crisp Lettuce
  • Crisp Bacon 
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper to suit
We have been a week now into enjoying tomatoes from the garden.  The bacon did not last.  However, I did have a package of Serrano Ham (a Spanish dry-cured, thinly sliced ham).  Our local BJ's has some wonderful selections of Italian and Spanish delicacies to include Prosciutto slices which would also work well.

Consider changing up your BLT with some lovely dry-cured meats.  Both my son and I are a fan. My husband is a rabid bacon-nite, and I'm not sure he would approve.  But the ham needed to be eaten. and this was the perfect vehicle.


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