Facebook Adios

For the span of maybe two weeks, I did try Facebook.  As of yesterday, I decided that it was not for me...and for all of the reasons I thought in the beginning that it would be not be for me.  The most important reason:  I felt barraged by 'stuff'.  Too much for this brain to process.

If I want to see how someone is doing, I'm going to email them or call them. 

Interestingly, to delete an account is counter-intuitive.  Thank goodness for Google.  Now, in order to delete your account, you have to not log onto it for 14 days.  I'll not have any trouble with that.  But it is a reminder that we have less control of our stuff on the internet than we would otherwise suppose.

Much of my dismay  dissatisfaction with Facebook is that it is a cluttered amalgamation of stuff. I did not find it visually pleasing, and there was sidebar content that I didn't have any interest in receiving much less reading. Upon logging in. . . 
  • I saw more stuff that I didn't care to see
  • resented Facebook's suggestions cajoling  about people that I might know or popping up suggestions of people if I were typing a name in a post.
  • found it cluttered and claustrophobic in its rendering of content
  • wondered WTF (start with who) would care if I changed my avatar photo, my status or my page photo?  And...if any of those items were not enough. . . 
  • Facebook engaged in a surreptitious campaign to manipulate news feeds to members to measure the effect of such manipulation (preponderance of good v. the obverse).
I guess that I'm used to what I'm used to. This Blogger venue is a much easier way to express thoughts and share interests--and it is a venue in which I have control. To be sure, it takes more work to visit a blog than it does to be barraged by information on Facebook.  In that arena, Facebook is champs.  Nevertheless, I'll stick with my quiet corner of the blogosphere!


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