Homemade Dog Food

We are 344 days into homemade dog food--rapidly approaching our one year anniversary.  Dexter was recently at the vet.  The vet asked what I fed him.  I mentioned that I fed him a homemade diet.  Without any retribution, she suggested that I ensure that I go to vet approved resources such as Cornell.  I thanked her and indicated that I had done my homework, to include UC Davis's Dr. Strombeck's work.  She said, "Good.  So many of owners don't bother to do any research."

I put in quite a few hours doing the research, and Dexter's body condition was given "Excellent".  He is perfect weight; his coat is shiny and soft; and his poop does not stink. (One of the many great benefits of a homemade diet!).  That he had to be manhandled to get vetted was very disappointing.  I've never had any dog

It seems so easy now, but I remember my trepidation that I would do something that would forever harm the health of my animals.  Oh, I still have to buy dry food, as with a recent trip where another hand to care for my 4 dogs.  So, they got dry food which I integrated into their regimen over the course of a few days.  It helped my daughter feed them easily.  They ate it (though Dexter was not crazy about it); and none were were for wear.

There is no question that there is real work involved over and above opening a bag and scooping it out.  It would be far simpler if I did not have 4 dogs which is an all time high for us.  But I have 3 seniors, so the crowd will naturally thin.  I have no desire to have such a large pack in the future.  It is simply just too much.  But we are giving a loving home; they give us love and companionship in turn.

So as they age; they have excellent nutrition which will help greatly. Skin, coat, teeth and eyes are all great.  And once I commit to making a batch of food, it lasts a about 6 weeks, which includes my getting about 30lbs of the mechanically separated turkey in 10lb chubs.

I'm down to my last couple of meals, and I need to make some more.  It is not something that I relish. But they love to lick the bowls! 


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