Wireless Kaput

The other day (and after a software upgrade from Microsoft), my computer failed to connect to any network.  Tried the phone  Nope.  It saw the networks, but was not able to connect.  Troubleshooter did not have any success.  Wah!!!

I did some research, and decided that the wireless board board needed to be replaced. Foremost concern was whether or not there was going to be a compatibility issue as the part clearly had the "HP spare" number.  I wanted to upgrade as I've had several problems with the initial part.The buggy connection wasn't new, but the serialized failure to ever connect was.

Small screwdriver, tweezers and reading glasses had the board out quickly.  My new part, and Intel 7260 wireless dual band with Bluetooth, arrived in a couple of days.  The hardest part of the installation was reattaching the two antennae. I had to go get the magnifyng glass.  It felt like the operation game...thank goodness no screws were dropped in the chassis or any noses lit up.

It was quite a feeling of accomplishment to restore an essential piece of communication.  No more timely than my going on vacation in a couple of weeks.  I cannot drop off the face of the earth, but by the same token, I want to have some degree of disconnect from work life.  It has been a tough, long slog  this year; and I'm glad to have a small respite.

As with last year, we will have to cook.  We will have a Mexican themed dinner, and I think that it will all come together nicely.


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