Amazon Reviews Lament

I don't know about you guys, but when I read reviews, I want a review written by someone who purchased the product without concession, used it and comments on it. I am seeing an abundance of reviews, particularly for cheap stuff that has what I would consider an inordinate amount of reviews.  And, the subset of those reviews is a large amount of "I received this product in exchanged for my unbiased review."

I understand a smattering of these.  However, when almost every single review is like this, I don't consider these either valid or helpful.  In fact, it makes me want to move on to another product.  I simply don't trust a product that has to resort to so much 'paid' testimonials.  Further, despite the "unbiased review" proclamations, what you pay cannot help bu influence how you feel about a product--good intentions aside.

Rather, I want to see a review from a verified purchaser who shelled out his/her own money at full tilt, and hear about their buying experience.  Further, for rinky-dink products with tons of reviews with a high percentage of concessioned or free product, I just don't trust them.


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