Settling In

Angel Marie continues to settle in to the household.  Her feet are doing much better.  If she were a horse, I would call her lame.  He feet were swollen and tender.  With the help of steroids and antibiotics coupled with foot soaks, she is doing much better.  Her personality is starting to shine through, which includes her trying to assert some dominance over her sissies.

She approaches strangers with guard dog here. At least she looks intimidating.  The Bulldogs have a face that only a mother could love.  Macy, a mix, had her mother's long snout.  Angel has the mush face and the under bite.  With her skin condition, every fold, even on her face is a place to grow a colony of something.

My Measured Life Progress: I am on track to meet my end of month goal for weight.  I have been mindful of my eating choices, and I continue to measure everything. I have rarely gone over my calories.  My body fat % is now 34%--still to high, but lower than it was.  I'm confident that I will dissipate with my weight loss.  Already, I can see a difference.

My daily activity is subpar, and I can feel that. The allergy season sucks the life out of me, and a few days the air was so thick with pollen I was choking.  This happens each year and lasts about a week.  It is about 1 month later than normal due to the odd winter/spring confusion we experiences.

My Blendtec blender came  on Tuesday.  I've been experimenting with it.  It makes remarkable smoothies.  I understand now with the green smoothie craze why there is so much greater availability of packaged kale and collard in addition to the typical spinach, mixed green offerings.

 Last evening I used it to make some breadcrumbs. Easier than the food processor, but this machine would NEVER replace my food processor.  This a.m. I put a grapefruit (peeled) in it to make some whole juice.  I'm waiting for my oatmeal to finish prior to drinking. It boosted my calories by 79 for a total of 379. (It was yummy.)  My combined foods gave me 20 grams of fiber with almost half coming from my whole juiced (unstrained) grapefruit made in the Blendtec.  Just peel the skin and pull off 1/4 sections and throw it in the blender.  You get the juice + all the good stuff (fiber). 

Did you know?  Grapefruit has many health benefits.  The World's Healthiest Foods counts grapefruit among its stable of healthiest foods.  According to WHF, grapefruit is a lycopene-rich food (as is green tea and tomatoes.)  Check out their link and see which of your favorite foods are on their list.


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