Home Stuff--Upholstered bench

We have been in our home for 31 years this year.  Over that time, I have accumulated projects, and I'm starting to pick at them one by one.  Over this weekend, I upholstered a bench seat in a Pennsylvania House ball and claw footed bench that I had acquired.  I think that I got it at a thrift store, and it was in excellent shape--it just had a teal sueded material on top.  I found a beautiful fabric at Artee Fabric in a 'spiroflora' design on a slate background.  It is sumptuous and the colors really look great against cherry.  Here is the fabric in a different color scheme.
The hardest part of the job was centering the fabric design on the bench.  It is a spiroflora  design with a pattern that has two distinctive repeats for tandem rows.  Getting it right (centered design with even repeat across section) on the top had the side looking like it was not centered.  Getting it centered on the side had the top looking hinky.  I elected to get the top centered.  See my point on the design reveal on the side?  The fabric was 8.95 per yard--a terrific discount.  The one above was nabbed from a website at $95/yard.


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