I believe this storm was worse than Isabel.  Our land lines are down--along with many trees. 

The wind blew hard all night long.  About 3 a.m. I could hear my neighbors outside, and I could see their flashlights. This morning, I could see why. . . a large red oak had come down and hit the house on its way down.  A glancing blow thankfully.  They have 15 trees down.   He's fortunate that there were many narrow misses--his heavy equipment, his house, his outdoor area.  The fork of  a massive beech tree that went down (which also has a hive of wild bees about 10 feet in length) straddled his satellite dish--a small branch knocked the major piece of it out though.  He had moved his bull dozer and a car--both of which would have been crushed had they not been moved.

Our shed (that I was telling you about in the last post), was narrowly missed by a large tree--it did pummel the fence as did another tree on the other side of the property.  Luckily just fence work.  Many of my neighbors did not fare so well.  We cannot get out the neighborhood; however that will be fixed soon with a convergence of a loader and chainsaws. 

The land lines are not working. 

Not one square inch of ground remains clear of the litter of shredded tree branches. 

Pictures do not upload quickly, so I'll save that for another time.  I need to go check on the house project, as I understand the road is now clear.


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