House Rehab: Plumbing is not for the squeemish

Hannah's and my first day on the job, we cleaned the downstairs bathroom.  I don't like cleaning my own hair out of the drain, and like it less cleaning another's.  But with girded loins and rubber gloves, I accomplished that.

Second round was to remove the vanities and toilets.  I was not part of that work detail.  The toilets were broken and needed to be replaced, and and the vanities will be painted.  Plus, the floors underneath had to be assessed.  The outside of the bathroom downstairs had much rotting wood (found when the linoleum was pulled up in the hallway).  The bathroom floor itself is 12x12 tile, which is one of the things we'd like to keep if possible.

But the toilets had to be pulled up first.  My daughter's boyfriend is a pipefitter, not a plumber (though he has a plumber card).  So he knows how to do this stuff.  Pulling the toilet up was not a happy place for him.  Tampon strings and tossed cookies.  Enough said. Clearly he had not girded his loins, and I'm quite sure he did not have rubber gloves.  My daughter was resolute.

 Women will not be outdone.

Today, more sanding, painting and Bondo bonding.  My sister is coming in from Bedford tomorrow.  My own house is a mess.


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