Shake, Rattle and Roll

Virginia was roiled with a 5.8 magnitude quake yesterday.  I was working from home yesterday, when it hit.  I was upstairs when I could feel the house shake.  At first I thought the washing machine, which had bedding in it, had become unbalanced during the spin cycle.  The dogs were barking outside and were clearly unsettled. I went out and could feel the ground shaking. 

I concluded that it was an earthquake.  It became a major news event.  The epicenter was about 60 miles from me.

I was able to use the earthquake as an excuse for a slightly out of kilter cuban opera cake.  I only make this cake for the most special occasions.  This particularly occasion was the getting together of several KPMG folks (current and ex).  The occasion was the visit of a now retired partner and it was hosted by a former partner.  I remember well the dinner that we had many years ago celebrating the two of them becoming the first Richmond partners in Virginia.  (Not sure how many other women partners that were made that year circa 1988).

It was a beautiful evening with old friends.  I still maintain that the greatest thing about getting older is that one's friendships grow older too.  Now to start batting down the hatches for the hurricane.......


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