Exterior work

Here's the house with washed exterior, new windows, new front door and new shutters.
 We still have to paint the front door.  I'm second guessing the top lights in the door, but they do let in light.  Once the door is painted another color, it will be less 'stark' those two peeping pains. The roof is so visible and so brown that tannish that borwn shutters and door were a logical choice.  But we don't like the looks of yellow and brown and freshened the color a bit with blackwatch green shutters.  Washing the exterior helped a bit too! It still has brown gutters, but I'm not going to worry with that just now.  The pics were taken with two different cameras.  Notice that some of the bushes (azaleas), were planted far too close to the foundation.  These will have to be pulled up and (two were already sacrificed) am moved away a bit.

I'm waiting for drywall to cure for the interior work required be complete.  Yesterday (I started this post yesterday a.m. and am tacking another whack at it), I painted the back room...the only room not to receive any paint. It is a beautiful color, BM's, Harbortowne.  It is a lovely green/gray.  It looks terrific with the Chantilly Lace Trim and is pleasing to view as a transition from the Hawthorne Yellow.  Hannah worked on the trim pieces--putting a first coat over the sanded primed trim.

 While there are several big things to get done (counter tops, flooring downstairs), the interminable amount of painting has disappeared.  I still have painting...but very discrete, manageable pieces.  And that feels very good.


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