We are undergoing a mini-EPA cleanup.  My goal is to keep my sink clean and enlist my minions to help.  They are energetic for a bit, and then disappear quietly until I roust the out of their tranquility.  Ella is underfoot, hoping that gravity will work its magic yielding a tasty treat.   I shoo her out of the kitchen.

I've removed the ham from its 12-hour hot sauna.  That method works well in leeching out excess 'stuff' from the ham to make it so that you can eat a few bites without going into some sort of salt coma.  I still find the odor offensive--feeling as if I should be working in a mortuary as strong as the chemical smell is.

I'll be pecking away at some posts to make myself sit down from time to time to spare my legs.  My goal is to not be too tired to enjoy my guests.  It is a beautiful Indian Summer day here.  Much to be grateful for.


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