Time/Space Intersects

Yesterday was a busy day running hither and yon to close on a property.  I was soaked to the core after leaving the FEDEX office which required me to sprint in the rain, both to and from, my vehicle.  As I was driving home, my daughter called me.  She was ahead of me by just a few minutes.

All of a sudden, there appeared to be a vehicle pulled halfway into the road.  As I closed in, I saw the smashed in front of the truck, and I realized the vehicle had wrecked.  There was a man standing beside the truck, and   I rolled down the window to ask if he was okay. He was clearly shaken and a bit bewildered.  I backed up to put my flashers on and gathered him into the car out of the rain.

He had originally said he had called the police, but he did not have his phone on him.  I asked if he was bleeding or if he had anything broken.  He said no, but his head hurt.  He knew his name and gave me his wife's telephone number.  I called her, and told her who and where I was and that I would call the police and ambulance.  I relayed my amateur assessment of his condition.

Frankly, I was a bit shaken myself.  I called #77 and gave them the information. Several passers by stopped to ensure that everything was okay. First responders were there quickly, and  he was evaluated.  They put him in a neck brace and then put him on a back board.  I called his wife to confirm the hospital that he was at, and explaining what they did.

As they were talking to him, I realized that he was coming from the opposite direction.  He either hydroplaned or hit a patch of water that caused him to veer off the road and then over correct, careening him to the other side of the road and into a tree.  He was not facing a tree, so the impact must have turned him around more.  He is lucky to not be more injured...and his airbag likely saved is life or at least reduced his possible injuries.

IN thinking about the time/space intersect, I was reminded that had I been a little further ahead, or had my daughter been a little further behind, either one of us could have been entangled in that event.  This was so similar to another event where both my husband and I were the first ones there when a young girl wrecked her car.  Oddly enough, I've been the first one onto an accident for no less than 4 times now.  Not sure what the odds are on that.  Luckily, the people were intact.  Other witnesses see much worse.


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