Thanksgiving--Post Meal

I achieved my two simple goals:  prepare a lovely meal and stay conscious.  My SIL brought a potato and fennel gratin.  This dish really pulled together all of the savory scents and tastes of the other dishes.  It was the perfect complement.  It is also the first time I've allowed somone to bring food to my table!  I was glad to not have this extra side dish to complete, and as I've had it before and my SIL is a great cook, I new it would be good.

Desserts were spectacular, and when I have time, I'll post the Maple Pecan Chocolate Tart.  It is an extraordinary dessert that I have been making on and off for many Thanksgivings.  It compliments any meal.  It has one of those, rich, persnickety crusts that requires you to work quickly, and it needs two refrigeration stages, but it is worth it.  And it is divine slightly warm with some high quality vanilla ice cream.  For the life of me, my crusts never look great, but they sure do taste good.  The Sweet Potato Marscapone with fresh whipped cream (with a wee bit of Grand Marnier in it) was delicious as well. They make two nice choices (and several of my guests chose to have a piece of each.

The turkey was beautiful and delicious.  It was just under 15 lbs...plenty for 11 and some take-homes for guests and sandwiches for us.  The ham was a delicious a one as I've ever cooked.  It took almost 4 hours to cook to temperature rather than the 2 I expected.  I use a meat know the probe with the wire, snakey mesh that allows your oven to close.  These are a must in the kitchen, and put it on your gift list for your special cook in your life.  s/he will thank you for it.  It will save many a dish from under/over cooking.

Time know for my indentured servitude at the house.  Creeping across the finish line.  The weather could not be more beautiful...lovely Indian Summer.


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