The Most Beautiful Sight in the World: OPP

OPP:  Other People Painting.    It is the most beautiful sight in the world.  A little flux in the winter painting schedule gave me three, then two handsome, charming painting professionals. I did have everything clean for them.  Cleaning 2500 sqf of head to toe crap is a tall order.  Though I had two college students to help, my arms, shoulders and back tell the tale of my own contribution.  There was a day's worth of wall patching before any painting could be put on the walls. That was okay as set up and trim sanding was in order.

I did do some wall patching, but after watching Joe, I realize how inadequate my own efforts were.  Yes, I get a smooth finish, but I had to make too many passes and sand too much.  That is part of learning.  After all, there is an art to any of this stuff, and the professionals always make it look easy!    So easy that we mere mortals undertake it, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.  I'm willing to tackle most things; but these guys can do it faster and better than I can. 

I'm just fill-in work, and it helps them and ME out.  Winter is a typically slow time for painters.  Your interior winter projects will benefit from some budget-friendly rates from your favorite painting contractor. Give them a call now and save your back and arms and free up some of your time.

For this project, the nicotine (though I had scrubbed a good bit of it off) and the semi-gloss finish called for Zinsser Cover Stain to dispatch all traces of blech to the Netherworld. 

I received a call this morning, that I needed to get more linen white.  My friends at Virginia Paint had the stuff ready, and was wheeling it out as they saw me pull up.  Dale and John work at the Mechanicsville store, and they have been my valued partners.  They take time to answer my questions and guide me on the right finishes, techniques and tools that I need for my job.

 I also got two carpenters today and two painters.  The carpenters were pulling up baseboard downstairs to prep for laying the flooring.  They also demo'd the FRP board behind the kitchen backsplash and in the mud room.    The painters want to spray the downstairs, so I'm cooling my jets on the flooring down there until that is done and the plumbing issues are taken care of. 

The job is just 2 miles from my parents' home.  I can visit them easily, and I've been careful to do so.  With my daughter's job east (v. west), it made it hard to be a frequent visitor, or a visitor at all! I wanted to see the Cream Fleece (BM) on the walls of the master bedroom.  It was soft and beautiful.  It looked terrific with the porcelain tile.  I cannot wait to see this home finished.  I'm just loving the soft, neutral tones of the paint and the porcelain tile.  Tomorrow, I meet the tile guy to get the damages for laying the tile. 

I need to get that damned electrician moving!  I just yelled into the other room, "We need to get moving on those cans," and he responded, "Yes, now is the time!"  Now is the time, indeed.  I found out today that I was successful in getting another home.  This one is in Williamsburg.  More later on that.  It is in a lovely neighborhood and a lovely setting.  It just needs some major interior updating. 


  1. Leisa, it's Isaiah64v4 from years ago when we would post on Bill Cara's & DavidDT's sites. I had been thinking about you lately and decided to come by and share a link with you that you may find interesting. I met this lady in the cat food section in a store where I live. She does animal portraits and gave me a link to her web site. As soon as I saw it I thought of you because of your work with animals and decided to come by and share it.

    She is still trying to master setting up her web page so it is a work in progress. But her painting to me at least has arrived.

    Also "Ms L", when I visited the Perplexed Investor site this morning I was shocked to see that 11-02-2011 was your last financial post. At first I thought maybe you had serious drama going on in your world like everyone else seems to be going through these days. But when I found the link to this site then I understood why TPI site is so quiet. Well I plan on coming back now more often to check on the progress in "Lesia Land". I cannot wait to see the pictures when everything is finished.

    PS. Isaiah also needs to make a bigger effort to have some fun. Life is whizzing by. Heard it said once, "Life is like a coin. You can only spend it once. So spend it wisely."

    Take care my friend!

    1. How wonderful to see you. Thank you for stopping in. Thanks too for the pet portraits link. I have one portrait of Lucy, but not any more done. I'll check out the website. I've got three 'girls' all the same age. Currently in their prime, but dog years pass quickly, so there will be some sadness of their passing before too long.

      Sorry that you suffer from the same malady as I in that you have to think about and make an effort to have fun! Be well my friend.