The Safety of Leisa-Land

There is a reason I call my blog Leisa-land.  It is my little oasis of writing and thinking  (griping, opining) that helps keep me keep my perspective. 

I've never been much of a pop-culturist.  I do not get sucked into the celebrities stories, or the internet "OMG you must send this to everyone you know to keep them safe" or the political/religious debates.  Having said that, I watched every hour of the Anita Hill "stuff " when Clarence Thomas was being confirmed.  I watched because I could identify with it, as could most professional women my age.  I just didn't have anyone 'famous' acting like a chauvinist twit.

In my own beautiful state of Virginia, we have the abortion issue hot as ever.  Now apparently they had put forth that  women to have a vaginal probe (though they have finally backed away).  My immediate thought is that the sponsors of the bill should have an anal probe to find out if their head is stuck up their ass.  But that is just my being jaded.  I still find it amusing that the party that who is against government interference (seat belts, motorcycle helmets, DDT, carbon emissions and other stuff to protect the stupid/greedy from themselves), gives no pause to trampling upon a woman's right to choose. 

If you are against abortion, it is quite simple--don't have one.  If you believe that every child should be loved and your home and heart to an unwanted child.  I know many people adamant against abortion.  I don't know anyone who cares for or takes in abandoned/unwanted children.  There's a funny paradox for you.

The spectacle of Whitney Houston's death was hard to avoid, . . . .. enough said.  


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