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My daughter came back a day early from the beach.  Last Saturday, our guest, Blaze, the ebullient English Setter, departed.  While he was happy with his vacation pack, when he saw my daughter he was so excited he piddled.  Hannah informed that upon arriving home, Blaze slept early evening, throughout the night and most of Sunday.

I guess he was as sleep deprived as we were!   The picture to the left depicts his typical activity level. Ella is not looking too happy! In addition to being active all day with our dogs, he was over-vigilant at night in investigating every little and big noise in the household.  Mark and I have enjoyed our uninterrupted sleep since his departure.  But he was a neat fella, and we were very glad to have him.

On the SR project, the tile man finished putting up all of the tile.  He said, "I now see your vision for this bathroom."  The tile still needs to be grouted--and I'm not sure why my vision for this master bathroom took so long for him to see.  It is not yet grouted, but it is a small, but beautiful space.  

As I've mentioned before, the ideal renovation would have been to build a two story addition that would have added amenities to both the master bath and the upstairs bath (that are side by side).  However, taking down walls and building additions of these homes is not in my planned scope of
work.  On this project, I concentrated dollars on the master bath, because (1) it was in the middle of a partial renovation that just wasn't going to work; (2) I wanted it to be beautiful and useful from the get go and (3), the other bathrooms were renovated on a quality level short of what I would have done.  With respect to (3), everyone who sees these bathrooms still likes them.  When they see the master bath, they are going to be wowed.

Mark and Reade worked on wiring the garage.  It has been beastly hot and humid.  I've been working on getting all my stuff out of my FD project.  This project required more of my time and effort than I had anticipated.  One happy result is that I have lost a few of the extra pounds that have been lurking here and there.  It helps that the weather has been hot, appetite has been lacking and there has been an abundance of fresh vegetables from the garden.



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