The Sound of Silence

I'm in one of Dante's 7 circles of hell of the internet...Sound.  Some plug-in zapped my ability to play sound in Firefox. Despite my bird-dogging a solution and trying them (perhaps incompetently), I still have no sound.

My internet Explorer works just fine.  Because I'm tired of the frustration of troubleshooting the sound issue (which was previously a video issue...fixed the video issue, but there is no sound with the video), I'm switching back to IE after more than 5 years or so of being exclusive to Firefox.

I just don't have time to be bothered with this technical difficulty.  I've also had some difficulties with other areas (website interface etc), that I never used to have.

A reminder about how easy it is to lose customers.

(P. S.  It seems that there is a Flash problem that is fairly pervasive.  If i fix it so that I have audio, I have no sound (on Firefox) and vice versa.  Same conclusion...I really don't want to go through this much bother to have an online experience.).


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