Picking....err Scounging.

While I'm not American Picker, I do enjoy finding a good deal.  In the past few days, I've scored a few good deals.  I picked up these chairs, replete with new pads, from Colonial Harbor Antiques.  They were priced at 19.95 each with 20% off.  I paid less than $16 for the each chair and the cushions.  I saw the cushions at Lowe's for $15 ea.  A good deal for the combo! These chairs and the round table (with  a large begonia plant) look very nice on the porch of the house that I'm trying to sale.  It surely give is a more inviting look.  I was glad to get this look for less.

My next scrounging (I guess 'picking' sounds better than scrounging, but I'm going to call a spade a spade here!) led me to the Salvation Army store. Here I nabbed 3 mahhogany dining chairs. While I cannot tell from the marking what chair it is, I found this picture of Councill Craftsmen mahogany chairs.
My chairs have the EXACT back design, though the apron on the seat has some curvature rather than being straight as the picture above.  I'm going to assume the back designs are specific to the manufacturer, accordingly, I'm going to 'call' my chairs made by Councill.  The seats have been reupholstered, so there is nothing on the seat to cushion to show origin.  There was an inventory, bar code tag on the furniture.  It stated "US Senate, Sargeant at Arms Office".  I paid $19.95 each for my 3 chairs, and I'm adding to my eclectic mix of dining chairs for when I have a big meal.  Seating is precious at those times, and now I have comfortable, tasteful chairs.  I lost  chairs when I gave my daughter my original dining table. I can also use them to provides some seating at the houses I'm trying to sell.


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