Body Building and Repair

Much is happening in Leisa land.  I started with a new client at the beginning of June in a new industry for me.  I am by all means an old dog, but this old dog's tricks are new tricks for my client.  Nothing is more satisfying to me than leveraging my experience and providing my client with essential tools to manage their business effectively. 

The essential building blocks of good business/management/financial practices do not differ from industry to industry.  These building blocks are the bones, and the industry specific 'stuff' is muscle, tendons, and skin.  That connective tissue provides the industry overlay that creates a unique environment that bones work within.  Without good bones, you have but a puddle of connective tissue that doesn't travel far or well. 

I work mainly with small and middle market business--generally they are a victim of their own success.  They have toddler bones, when they need teenager or adult bones.  Not only do their bones have to be strong, but connective tissue needs to be strong and well-trained, too.  Otherwise, the good bones do not operate smoothly or do not travel far or well.  I'm a fiscal fitness instructor.

If you are wondering about the body-centricity of my metaphor, it is likely due to the fact that tomorrow my husbando has rotator cuff surgery.  He had a spill in his last West Virginia ride that resulted in a tear.  And in doing the MRI, they also noted an old injury (and one that he has felt for a while).  Tomorrow, then, he goes under the knife. 

We women-folk compare child birth experiences, and it appears that the men-folk compare 'war injuries'.  Much exchanging about rotator cuff surgery experiences, and none of it good.  I never heard of any pleasant child-bearing experiences either!  As I remind him, he is getting something repaired doing something that he enjoys--plus getting an old, nagging injury (not me) repaired.  No cancer is being cut out, and his recovery is in his hands and head.

Today is his last motorcycle ride, boat ride and full mobility for some time.  I hope that he is a good patient because I have Nurse Ratched tendencies.

Our weather is good for the 4th, and as he embraces the day, I will brace for the upcoming weeks.


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