Here is a sweet, young English Setter boy, Sarge.  He was about 3-4 months old. He had a two day trip to a foster home helped from Birmingham Al to Columbia MD from a variety of volunteers. I drove down to South Hill to pick him up and delivered him to exit 104 on 95 for the balance of his trek northward. 

It has been so long since I've seen an ES puppy.  He was about the same age as when we got Lucy (my avatar).  He was a jaunty little boy looking for things to chew on.  Thankfully I had a rope pull, and his 'stuff' had rawhide chews in it.

He was curious and took a little while to settle down.  I gave him a one handed body massage which resulted in his finally

settling down and going to sleep.  He was well mannered, and did his #1 and #2 outside of the car.  I did a transport no-no and fed him in route.  His insatiable chewing and restlessness made me think that he was hungry.  He was after all a puppy.

It was a lovely day to drive.  I met Iggy and his wife down in South Hill.  They are internet friends (who I met through Slope of Hope) who I asked if they could lend a hand when it looked like the run would not fill for the NC - VA leg.  Iggy said yes without hesitation.  He and his wife have helped these setters out before, and became involved with dog rescue.  I'm grateful for their generosity.  It was truly good to see them both.

On the northbound end of my trip, David was taking the northbound run.  Coming out of Alexandria and coming down to Richmond is tough traffic!  He got caught in standstill I-95 traffic.  I drove 20 miles further north than our appointed stop.  There was no sense in sitting and waiting when I could be driving...and we stayed on time.  It was wonderful to meet him---and Sarge happily went with him.  Later on that evening, Sarge ended in his foster home.

It felt good to help the little guy along the way.


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