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The orientation is 90 degrees left, as this cicada was resting after emerging from its shell.  Ella spotted it.  I snapped this pic.

I've never seen a cicada emerge like this--so it was quite an interesting thing to at least glimpse it as it rested.  I didn't see it emerge.

Nature can be both wonderful and terrifying -- much like life.  

Greeting CardI've been so busy with work that I've not made time to write or read much.  Or even take many pictures of anything.  The summer is waning, and the change of the season is in the air.  The summer/fall crossing seems to happen so quickly with July's step into to August's calendar month.  Winter to spring seems so much more gradual.

August is a month for birthdays, including my own.  My SIL gave me a great card, pictured to the left.  It said on the inside, "It's your birthday. Please drink responsibility."  It is still on my desk and still making me laugh.  My daughter and her husband had us over for a birthday dinner.  She made a scrumptious lasagna.

My sister sent flowers, and then came to town.  They still look good! We had lunch a couple of times and went to the CHKD Thrifstore--a place where she finds many great things, and this trip was no different.


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