Knife Rescue

My sister and husbando are traveling to Massachusetts.  I'm dog and house sitter over the next few days.  I traveled here to Bedford, VA yesterday.  The weather is clear and crisp.  I'm in the company of three dogs:  Ruby, Shelley and Savannah.  I'll post some pics later.

Ruby and Savannah are happy, sweet girls, eager to love and be loved.  Shelley is a sweet girl, but very distrusting.  My last visit year or so ago, she didn't even let me touch her.  Her shyness caused some concern for my BIL and sister.  Thankfully, she took some treats from me yesterday.  While she is not seeking my company on her own, she is an eager seeker when I have dog treat in hand.  I didn't manage that before.

I am in the upstairs of the house, where they are not allowed.  The living room is sunny and cheerful.  Plus, it is the only place that I can get an internet connection.  She just came up the steps...that is a good sign. 

I'm considering this time away as contemplative time.  I brought my sharpening stones.  Today I had knife therapy.  I gave my sister a Ken Onion Shun chef's knife some time ago. When she was visiting last, she said that it was in bad shape.  I told her that I would bring my stones, and sharpen her knives when I visited.

So here I am.   I almost cried when I saw the blade. After more than an hour on the stones, the knife is sharp and serviceable.  I had to start with the extra course DMT stones, and worked my way through coarse, fine, extra fine and the 6k and 10k whetstones.    She will enjoy using this knife now.  Though I'm still a novice and hand knife sharpening, there was nothing that I could do to the blade that could harm it beyond its current condition.  So I was fearless in my sharpening.  My fingertips and hands are sore. 

It is satisfying. 


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