Kudos to my friend Bill

Our gang of three met for lunch at Lunch...a fabulous spot on Summit Avenue in Richmond Va.  Their fare is fantastic.  My friend, Bill, shared that he was running the Richmond Marathon.  My other friend, Lynne, has also run marathons.  I, alone, had no accomplishment of a marathon (or anything close) nor aspiration in any of the marathon genre (thinking, training, doing).  Rather, I'm perfectly happy to simply admire those who do such feats.

Bill finished the marathon, and that was his goal.  I'm proud of him.  Today, I took a spin down the road with my three girls in tow.  We went 25.5 miles less than Bill, but just getting out was an accomplishment.  Since my last run, I managed to hurt my back dragging a chair from my parents' basement upstairs.  It was not one of my more inspired ideas.  I did get the chair up the steps with the added benefit of hurting my back--or at least woke up a 11'ish year old sprained back injury.  I've been keeping ice on it, and that has helped. 

My little jaunt did not aggravate my back, and I'm happy to keep it slow and work into steady.  I've got good shoes, good feedback equipment, and the most willing and excitable partners.  Would that I could be so enthusiastic!


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