Truth in Exercise

If Jose Ortega y Gasset is correct, and "truth is what quiets the anxieties of the mind", then surely exercise will need to be my current truth.

I looked for my old sweat365 space, but found only a bloated and hard to load website.  Oh well.  I'm feeling a bit that way myself!  When I upgraded my smartphone to an HTC One, I was also interested in upgrading my Polar heart rate monitor.  I stumbled upon the new Bluetooth heart rate monitors that essentially transform your phone into a fitness buddy.  Seems that there are all manner of devices one can deploy to check out his/her biometrics.

Perhaps I have OCD tendencies, but I have to have structure and feedback in an exercise routine--or perhaps that is just a barrier that I throw up to avoid exercise. Would that I would just go and do it.  Truly that is all that needs to be, walk, lift, stretch etc...just do it.   Well, I have to 'do it' with a measurement structure.  And I want to do it with heart rate monitoring, as that structure keeps me from overdoing it.  The simple truth of the matter is that I really don't enjoy exercising. 

My anxiety, then, is that after purchasing the goods, downloading the Runtastic application, I still have not developed a habit.  Anxiety has built to a point where there needs to be a confrontation with (not search for) truth.  That truth is this:  (1) early a.m. is the only time that I've been able to exercise as (a) I have control over my time, (b) it makes me feel good throughout the day; and (c) I like to be up before most people (though lately not so much) to see the sun rise and hear the birds.

I'm on day two.  I'm taking it slowly, though I ended up going alot further today without getting measurement as my phone fell out of my jacket, probably when I bent over to ensure that my running partner, Ella, did not get into the road when cars came by.  She is a happy companion who listens, so it is a joy to take her.  I cannot take my other two dogs comfortably.  That I could journey with just Ella will ensure that I have a greater chance of success.  Taking 3 dogs on leads is NOT enjoyable.

What I like about the program is that it gives me a great report without having to go through any difficult downloads.  My phone gives me a great report, and it uploads automatically to Runtastic.  I can easily see my time in zones and all sorts of neat stuff that will help me stay interested.  I have to intellectually connect with what my body is doing, as my world revolves around my head.  (Which is not particularly a balanced way to go about things).

So this log is inaccurate given my separation from phone in terms of distance traveled and time. After backtracking (with no glasses), I failed to find my phone.  I went back home, grabbed my husband's cell phone and the Thunderbird (I couldn't make the route a 3rd time!).  Every 100 yards I stopped, turned the car off, and called my phone.  After 7 calls, I found my phone. 

I'm looking forward to feeling more energized and keeping my body strong and working.


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