Leonid Meteor Shower

Yesterday morning, I was walking my entourage around 5 a.m. and I spied not one but two meteors.  such a wonderful way to start the day.  The night sky was bright and clear, and the waning moon did not interfere. 

Some years ago, when the Leonids were particularly favorable for viewing (2001?) we trekked out with our kids and our neighbor's kids to a field behind our house (almost an over the river and through the dell).  The weather was not favorable.  I remember it being damp and cold, and the night particularly clear.  However, it was one of those.....best view of showers for the next 200 years billing (or something like that).    It was definitely memorable.

So to see two of the strays for this years event was welcome.  I'll mark my calendar so that I have a heads up for next year.


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