Thanksgiving Post Mortem

The multi-day prep for Thanksgiving is so worth the enjoyment of having family surrounding the table.  I managed to slightly nick my thumb (still unsure how, but squeezing the lemons for the oyster cocktail sauce made it very evident), burn my right hand on a cast iron skillet (through the mitt--and had I dropped it, I would have severely beaned, burned Angel, so I opted for the self-sacrifice), and to forget just one dish that I had nestled on the toaster oven (buttered shallots). There were no culinary mishaps of great magnitude.  However, there was a re-warming the ham that went a little too far. 

It was made most wonderful because my sister and her husband were in, and that my Dad's health was good.  Thank goodness our VA weather was kind to their 3 hour drive.  I'm glad they stayed over at my parents' rather than driving back.  There is no way that I could have pulled off a 2 p.m. meal.

My in-laws, no longer join us due to the fragility of my MIL's health.  So we surely miss them.  My daughter cooked for her in-laws at a time where they very much needed healing time together.

Guests came at 5 p.m and left by 9 p.m.  Dexter was ecstatic as we Angel Marie, to see so many new faces.  We had four, wondrous hours of being together with the people that we love and being reminded of the many blessings that we have.  Giving thanks for the big and small things.  So many do not have the smallest of needs that many of us take for granted.

Today was a day of relaxing in a clean house.  I was tired from the many hours of standing and non-stop activities over the last several days.  We are low key for the Christmas holidays.  We do for others carrying forward our thanks and filling in the chinks for needful things on behalf of others.


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